OPTITEC VUE film works in a similar way to Optitec Clear: it uses a liquid crystal layer that changes its optical properties. The liquid crystals in the film change the translucency of the glass almost as soon as voltage is applied: the glass becomes transparent. The feature that distinguishes Optitec Vue film from Optitec Clear is the former’s higher transparency of 91%. This property makes the product even more like glass. It also lets more sunlight through, which can make a big difference in naturally darker interiors. With Optitec VUE, there is no need for additional artificial lighting at times when the film is translucent

Optitec VUE film is activated by an electrical impulse, triggered by a dimmer or remote control: at the press of a button, it becomes transparent. The film can be easily integrated into home automation systems, which gives you even more control over your office space.

Regardless of the change in transparency, the film exhibits consistently high light transmission, which is of considerable importance in Europe’s climate zone. The film also provides thermal, solar and acoustic insulation, helping maintain the desired temperature, sunlight intensity and high comfort of the interior. VIEW VUE!

Overview of the technical parameters of the OPTITEC VUE film

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