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Optitec is a company that was born out of the need to create an unconventional product that guarantees privacy. The spaces we use in daily lives today are governed by their own rules: our demands on them are constantly increasing.
To address the needs of our Customers, we have designed the Optitec film. The idea of the smart film combines the highest product quality with guaranteed privacy and functionality of the space.

metres of film

Smart film New dimension of privacy

Optitec film is a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees a wide range of design applications in commercial and private interiors. The LCD film is a technologically advanced product that changes its translucency when voltage is applied. This innovative smart home technology solution fits in perfectly with the vision of modern space management. Undoubtedly, it makes an interior private and unique. This solution also is a perfect addition to any training room as it can serve as a projector screen. Optitec is an innovative film that can be changed from translucent to opaque using a remote control or dimmer.

How it worksChanging translucency

Optitec is an adhesive film that can be glued to various types of glass panels without interfering with their structure. This makes our film perfect not only for projects that are yet to be constructed but also for existing ones that require impactful privacy improvements due to the customer’s wishes.

Precise workmanship How we cut the film

As Poland’s only company with the necessary specialised equipment, we make every cut more precisely and wrap up every order faster than others. Our cutting table features two super-sharp cutting knives operated by pneumatic gantries.
Our strength is also our expert staff and the continuous testing of new products.

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