Colorplus foil COLORPLUS FILM

PRODUCT Product Clear Film dyed in the mass

Optitec Colorplus Film is the first decorative film offered by the Optitec brand. This is a self-adhesive film, dyed in the mass, which can be used in representative spaces: wherever the aesthetic dimension of the interior is important, with the emphasis on colour.

Optitec Colorplus film is suitable for application on windows, doors, walls, furniture, etc. The film dyed in the mass is available in several standard colours. This type of film is used in spaces where it is important to maintain privacy without affecting the open architecture of the room, while allowing light to pass through freely.

As a rule, decorative films are suitable for any interior design project where the designer has opted for colour in the arrangement of the space. The product finds use in conference rooms, office windows, glass display cases, as an interior decorative element applied to glass doors, furniture fronts, etc. According to a simple equation, OPTITEC COLOR+ = HIGH COMFORT.

Overview of technical parameters of Optitec ColorPlus film dyed in the mass

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